Commissions FAQ

If you’re looking for information about my Keyfish dice, please click here.

Periodically (every 3-6 weeks) I list a limited number of handmade ready-to-ship dice sets and handmade commissions for sale.

When purchasing a commission, you will receive your choice of a single D20 or one standard set of 7 polyhedral dice, handmade from start to finish. Epoxy resin is pressure-cast, trimmed, sanded, polished, painted, and clear coated for durability. Due to the handmade nature of my dice, they may have slight imperfections that add to their character. Every set is one of a kind. We will work together to create the set of your dreams! 

Pricing starts at $25CAD for single D20s and $85CAD for sets, plus shipping. Depending on the complexity of what you would like, an extra charge or extra production time may be required. For instance: Nerd Alert dice are an additional $15 per set. Heads Will Roll (skull) dice are an additional $20 per set. If you aren’t sure which set to select for the style you’d like, please email me first. 

Some examples of options I have currently in stock: 
-translucent colours (everything)
-pearl shimmer in gold, green, blue, red, purple 
-pearl pigments in various colours
-glitter in every colour
-holographic micro and fine glitter in multiple colours
-tiny round rainbow sprinkles & Nerds candy
-miniature stone skulls in various colours
-colour-shift pigments in nearly every colour combo
-glow-in-the-dark pigments
-neon/UV reactive pigments
-moss and several varieties of semi-precious stones
-gold, silver, and copper/rose gold leaf

Like most handmade dice, mine are not perfectly balanced but roll quite random on my tests! 

All sets are made to order and ship from Ontario, Canada within 4 weeks of purchase (unless otherwise discussed).