Keyfish FAQ

Keyfish FAQ

Bidet, Critter!

It's entirely possible that you've found my website because you saw my Keyfish D20 on Marisha Ray's Instagram (and mentioned on Critical Role campaign 2, episode 54).

This design was initially inspired by Stephen Q Fletcher Esq, Magnus Burnsides' beloved pet goldfish in The Adventure Zone podcast, and also by the Xanathar's pet fish Sylgar - but Critters really took to it when it became associated with Keyleth's iconic "we're basically Gods" moment from Critical Role Campaign 1. I am so pleased that these dice are making people happy and I'm really excited to be making them for you!

Each Keyfish D20 is handmade by me, from start to finish (including the molds!). They include a teeny tiny goldfish and some beautiful iridescent flakies to give it that "shimmering water" effect. Numbers are inked in bright teal.

I recently completed my third round of Keyfish preorders. My plan is to open another preorder some time in January 2020. I am also working with a great company to have my design produced on a much larger scale, as sets rather than just D20s. I will announce more about this as I have updates available.

If you'd like to be notified when the next Keyfish preorder will be happening, please sign up for my mailing list at the bottom of my site. My Patrons on Patreon also receive extra advanced notice (24 hours before everyone else) and D20 Patrons get first dibs on all new items that go live! You can get more info here:


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