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Green Leaf Geek

Custom Dice Commission - SOFT EDGE FULL 7-pc SET

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Got a dice dream? You've come to the right place!

By purchasing a set of Green Leaf Geek custom dice, you will receive one set of 7 dice, handmade from start to finish. Cast in resin, sanded, polished, and inked. Due to the handmade nature of the set, there may be imperfections in each that add to the character.

Every set is one of a kind. We will work together to create the set of your dreams!

Depending on the complexity of what you would like, an extra charge or extra time may be required.

Photos in the listing give examples of each available style.

Some examples of options I have currently in stock:
-translucent pigments
-pearl shimmer in gold, green, blue, red, purple
-pearl mica pigments in various colours (cool shimmer swirl effect)
-glitter in every colour
-holographic micro and fine glitter in multiple colours
-tiny rainbow sprinkles & Nerds candy
-miniature skulls in various colours**
-colour-shift pigments
-glow-in-the-dark pigments
-some small flowers and natural green moss
-semi-precious stones**
-tiny ceramic tea sets (3 styles)**
-tiny metal gears, keys, and skulls**
**Please note that inclusions marked with ** will result in dice that are likely unbalanced**

Like most handmade dice, my sets are not guaranteed to be perfectly balanced but roll quite random on my tests and are suitable for nearly every game you will play!

Each set includes one each of: D20, D12, D10, D%,  D8, D6, D4.

Made to order. Ships from Ontario, Canada within 4-6 weeks of purchase.

Customer Reviews

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Emma B
Meaningful Dice

I had a wonderful experience with Leah creating dice for my husband in honor of our daughter who passed away. This will always be my first look for a new set of dice!