Advent-ure Calendar Box

Advent-ure Calendar Box

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ADVENT-ure awaits inside this box of mystery!

Each calendar includes the following:

  • High quality, reusable advent calendar box with 24 drawers (as pictured, but with numbers)
  • 3 full matched sets of polyhedral dice (from HD dice, these will be new sets I've never stocked before!)
  • 1 full mismatched set of polyhedral dice
  • A bunch of random extra dice (who doesn't love a surprise?)
  • An EXCLUSIVE D&D 5E one-shot adventure written by Jesse Jordan;  printed in full colour with custom art by Meg Flynn
  • Extra goodies and coupons from myself and other amazing small TTRPG businesses

Shipments will be made no later than November 20 and will be fully tracked to ensure that everyone receives their calendars by December 1. 

IMPORTANT: Each calendar needs to be purchased separately for shipping purposes. Each one goes in its own shipping box and I need labels for each one. PLEASE don't buy more than one at a time (it will charge you shipping at checkout, if you do, as well).

PS - the dice in the photo are not the ones that will be included in the box - those are a surprise!