PREORDER Limited Edition Keyfish Dry Erase Tokens by InfiniTokens
PREORDER Limited Edition Keyfish Dry Erase Tokens by InfiniTokens

PREORDER Limited Edition Keyfish Dry Erase Tokens by InfiniTokens

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Green Leaf Geek is proud to have collaborated with InfiniTokens to create these exclusive dry-erase token sets featuring the signature Keyfish fishy embossed on the back of each. The plastic of these aqua-toned tokens is made from recycled fishing nets so it's keeping real fish safe! Each set includes 10 tokens and one black mini dry erase marker. 

InfiniTokens Dry Erase Counters are customizable, reusable dry erase discs that can be used for card games such as Magic: The Gathering and for role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. Carry thousands of counter/token/mini/monster/npc options in one small dice bag! Being prepared for anything has never been so easy.

Each disc is 1" in diameter with a dry erase surface.

Erasable! Tappable! Usable for anything you need!

What can they be used for?

  • Any kind of counter you need, perfect for the nonstandard counters like -1/-1, poison, etc.
  • Write stats to quickly represent a token creature
  • High loyalty for Planeswalkers, no need for a pile of dice
  • Use in Dungeons & Dragons to represent monsters or NPCs (maybe even if someone forgot to bring their mini)
  • Replace a missing game piece or add a new player to your board game

Gaming is complicated enough without proper visual aids. Stand-ins like dice work in a pinch, but how much strategy can you really focus on when you’re forced to remember what each piece is supposed to represent? Is that die a 1/1 counter or a -1/-1? Is that 2 pip die one 2/2 creature or two 1/1 creatures? Is it tapped or not? Replace those indistinguishable dice with clearly marked counters.

Stats change for your creature? Cover the old stats with a counter to easily keep track.

One black mini dry-erase marker is included. Tokens can be used with regular dry erase markers or wet erase markers. We recommend Expo's "Ultra fine point" markers for fine writing.

IMPORTANT: This is a preorder item. All orders will be shipped when completed in approximately January 2021. Please take this into account when ordering.